PRE5140 vibração analisador

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Dynamic Channels (AC)

Number of synchronous parallel channels (AC): 4 AC

Frequency range: max 76800 Hz (196 kHz sampling frequency)

Input range: +/- 12V (only one range, no gains)

Measurement timing: fully synchronous

A/D Resolution: 24 bit input, 64 bit double floating point internal precision

(no gain procedures used !)

Dynamic range: 120 dB

Channel configuration: voltage or ICP (individually for every channel)

Input protection: up to 30 V

Input impedance: 100 kOhm

Input type: acceleration, velocity, displacement, any non-vibration AC voltage

Integration: single, double fully digital integration

2D Processing: axis rotation according sensor mounting

Accuracy: < 0.5 %

ICP drive: 18 V, 3.8 mA

High pass filter: 1Hz -12800 Hz (user definition)

Low pass filter: 25Hz -76800 Hz (user definition)

Connector: Binder 712 series

Tacho Channel

Number: 1 independent tacho input

Speed range: 0,8 Hz - 1000 Hz

Input impedance: 80 kOhm

Input type: voltage

Input range: + 10V (only one range, no gains)

+/-30V (tacho signal + DC) with optional tacho signal converter

Accuracy: <0.5 %

Trigger level: 0.1 -9.9 V, user defined

Input protection: up to 48 V

Connector: Binder 712 series

Static Channels (DC or 4-20mA)

Number: 4 DC or 4-20mA (has to be specified in order)

Input range: +/- 24 V or 4-20mA

Input impedance: 100kOhm (VDC), 250 Ohm (4-20mADC)

A/D Resolution: 12 bit input

Accuracy: 0.1% fsd

Input protection: up to 30 V

Measurement Functions

Data Analysis Speed: 0.25 sec for 25600 lines FFT spectrum

Amplitude Units: Metric, Imperial (English) or user programmable

Frequency Units: Hz, CPS, RPM, CPM, Orders

Amplitude scale: Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, User defined

Scaling: Linear or Log, both X and Y axes

Cursor: Single (optional Harmonic, Sideband)

Triggering: free run, tacho

amplitude (positive or negative)

external (voltage)

Signal Range: full, No Auto ranging

Data acquisition: TRUE RMS, TRUE PEAK, TRUE PEAK-PEAK overall or band values

user defined high and low pass filters for band measurement

time waveforms (65 536 samples max)

real-time FFT

3D graphs ( waterfall, cascade)

order analysis

Amplitude + phase values on speed frequency

speed measurement

process static DC or 4-20mA values

Envelope demodulation

ACMT procedure for low speed machines bearings

Time waveform samples: 256 - 65536

Waveform length: max 1024sec

Spectrum ranges: 25 - 76800 Hz

Spectrum lines: 100 - 25600

Spectrum Peaks listing: yes

Spectrum units: RMS, 0-P and P-P

Windows: Rectangular, Hanning, Exponential, Transient

Order analysis parameters: 1/2 - 10th order

Averaging: 1-255

Overlap: yes

Smax, Gap and Centerline displays for proximity sensors: yes


Sampling frequency: user defined in range 64Hz - 196 kHz

Record length example: 3 GB for 1 hour record with 64kHz sampling (4ch AC+4ch DC+1ch tacho signal)

( 160GB memory enables over 50 hours of full 64kHz recording)


Planes: 1 or 2

Balancing Advisor for automatic fault detection: yes

Balancing Quality factor according ISO1940: yes

Balancing vector graph for balancing process reporting: yes

Balancing Report: yes

Trim function: yes

Vector split (e.g. to blades positions): yes

Manual entry: yes

Intuitive graphic user interface: yes

Trial mass: get out or leave in


Processor: Atom 1.6 GHz


Display: LCD colour 174 x 127 mm (8.5” diagonal), 800x600 resolution

Memory: 120 GB

Interface: USB

Powering: Li-Ion long life battery pack (more than 5 hours of measurement)

Operating temperature: -10 °C - +50 °C, 15°F-120°F

EMC: CE tested

Dimensions: 280 x 205 x 55 mm

Weight: 2.5 kg